About Our Company



Our company Was established in 1997 by expert surveying :Hamdy Ibrahim Azab who is involved in the field of mapping and surveying more than 30 years,Through well known International and National Companies in A.R.E and K.S.A especially in Holly Makkah.



Decision makers, Managers of Construction projects sectors, national resources Companies owners, designers, planners of new resorts, Communities and developers of slum areas.

Our center (I.S.C) has the pleasure to express appreciation for your special concern and your distinguished role to ahieve the development by your

Scientific and applied efforts in the field of producing and utility projects which support the national economy.


In the field of work to provide actual services needed to firms and authorities dealing in fields of design , planning and execution of national projects to achieve quick performance,precise results and to reduce the using of equipments and costs ,So (I.S.C) was established depending on scientific methods and get benefit from international and nationl experiences.


Also, we have advanced systems such as "Total stations", "G.P.S" , applied software dealing with surveying works, roads design digital maps, transformation maps , documents into digital ones and advanced laser printing systems.


(I.S.C) has a new category by composing a consortium consisting of Arabic specialized experts at this distinguished engineering activity of many specialized companies covering all this type of work.